cellular agriculture

Extracellular is the first dedicated manufacturing partner supporting cultivated meat. We provide efficient and cost-effective cellular agriculture processes at scale. 

Our people, processes, and environment work together to accelerate your cultivated meat product to the market.

Our team have in-depth expertise in cell culturing, bioprocessing, analytics, and data science. We are determined in helping our customers achieve their goals, no matter what stage they are at in the development process.

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About Cultivated Meat

The cultivated meat industry is reaching an exciting phase. Companies worldwide are developing new and interesting food products that are so familiar, but so different. With so many meat alternatives out there, it is easy to get confused.

Cultivated Meat

What We Do

Cultivated meat is real meat made by growing the parts of the animal we want to eat. Despite the simple concept, producing commercially viable cultivated meat products requires overcoming complex technical challenges. We help cultivated meat producers meet those challenges head-on with our expertise in three key areas.