Cellular agriculture or cultivated meat – often mistakenly called “lab-grown meat” – is now coming into its own with the first products nearing market readiness. Many of these companies now face the daunting task of scaling their innovation. Because most CDMOs for animal cell growth are geared toward the health sector, costs are much higher for bioprocessing than they need to be for the relatively less-stringent food sector when it comes to regulatory needs.

Will Milligan founded Extracellular, based in Bristol in the UK, as the first CDMO and innovation partner for cellular agriculture. With a background in mechanical engineering – and coming from a family of farmers – Will believes the solution to making cellular agriculture affordable, sustainable, and available requires innovation partnership for scaling up product development within the sector.

In this episode of BioInnovation Spotlight, Will discusses the unmet needs underlying the cellular agriculture sector and the challenges faced by cultivated meat products in scaling up and getting to the market. Extracellular is based at and supported by Science Creates in Bristol.

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