Introducing Extracellular’s low-cost, license-free animal cells for cultivated meat research.

Cells are the building blocks of cultivated meat research.

Expand them. Immortalise them. Edit them.

Free from licensing restrictions.

Our cells are available from multiple species, animals, and tissue types – all for your own research and without restriction. 

The initial cell banks are of cow, pig, and lamb, and include mesenchymal stem cells from muscle, adipose, and bone marrow tissues. 

Enabling a range of tests supporting your research goals

  • Species variability – Test cells from different species side-by-side
  • Animal variability – Test cells from different animals of the same species
  • Tissue Variability – Test cells from different tissue of the same animal

Data included to ensure quality research and enable accurate results

We believe in making cultivated meat research accessible. With these cell banks, we hope to make a meaningful difference in helping companies bring new products and solutions to market. 

To help you get the most useful and robust data from your research with these cells, we also provide:

  • Methods for cell isolation, culture and cell banking
  • Growth data from cell isolation to cell banking 
  • Growth data from +3 passages after thawing
  • Cell Morphology pre- and post-cryopreservation 
  • Cell phenotype and genotype results 
  • Mycoplasma testing 

We hope to include even more data in the future as we continually expand our datasets.

If there are particular datasets you require or would like a bespoke cell bank of your own, please contact us!
Reach out to our expert team 

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