We Accelerate Cultivated Meat Development

Cultivated meat is real meat made by growing the parts of the animal we want to eat. Despite the simple concept, producing commercially viable cultivated meat products requires overcoming complex technical challenges.

We help cultivated meat producers meet those challenges head-on with our expertise in: 

  • Bioprocess Development
  • Bioprocess Scale-Up
  • Cell Culture Media Optimisation
  • Cell Banking

Bioprocess Development

Investing in the equipment and skills to develop efficient bioprocesses in-house is a long and costly journey alone – but we have your back.

More than that, we have the expertise, technology access, and collaborative spirit to help you take your product forward.

  • Parallel bioreactor optimisation
  • Batch, fed-batch, and perfusion evaluation
  • Suspension adaptation
  • Cell culture


Bioprocess Scale-Up

Installing scale-up capabilities for cultivated meat & seafood production can be prohibitively costly in both cash and time as lead times often cover an entire fundraising cycle.

We have established large-scale production capabilities for cultivated meat and seafood production:

  1. Batch processes
  2. 10L, 50L, and 200L capacities
  3. 2,000L bioreactor capability in a food-grade production site.


Cell Culture Media Optimisation

Our high-throughput media development platform can screen different combinations and concentrations of dozens of media components.

We can screen thousands of high-throughput formulations on a weekly basis, supporting studies for:

  • Eliminating serum
  • Optimising differentiation
  • Screening raw materials suppliers
  • Evaluating component stability
  • Developing feed strategies



Cell Banking

High-quality cell banks at workable volumes and densities require expertise and specialist equipment.

We can provide cell banks with your cells of choice in addition to analytical insights such as proliferation rate and key biomarkers.


We also have off-the-shelf cell banks of cow, pig, and lamb mesenchymal stem cells derived from several tissue types available.