In any process, the quality of the starting material matters. Poor-quality cells isolated with sub-optimal processes can add significant time and cost burdens.

We have the tools and expertise to create standardised cell banks with diverse species and tissue isolates and can provide these with the corresponding cell culture protocols that would help significantly de-risk cultivated meat research and development.

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Why Cell Banking?

Cultivated meat researchers often struggle with obtaining cells. Existing cell banks that often cater to medical research in the biopharmaceutical industry are very costly, require licensing agreements or contracts, and have limitations in terms of species, breeds, and tissue types available.

Isolation is the procedure used to separate and purify cells, such as mesenchymal stem cells that mature into muscle and fat tissue. Laboratory protocols for harvesting and isolating cells from tissue are typically developed with biomedical research in mind and fail to serve cultivated meat researchers.

Ensuring quality and consistency is no easy task. Existing cell banks often lack key information on cell provenance and performance. While the characterization of cell and tissue cultures forms a large part of ensuring quality, predicting consistent behaviour is key to scaling cultivated meat processes. Gathering data from farm to flask is integral to supporting consistency.