Cell Isolations

Sourcing the right cells with full traceability and ownership is often the first priority. Extracellular can support cell isolations from most animal species and from a range of different tissue types, to help develop the cell banks you require.

Our approach

We work with trusted universities and farmers to source tissue samples in a way that meets your needs. We can collect full health information from animals, offering traceability of the cells for future regulatory submissions. When isolating cells, we use established industry techniques to generate cells from the tissue of interest, which have been optimised over numerous development projects.

Our experience

We have performed over 50 isolations, yielding a range of high-quality cell banks. With our extensive experience, we know what it takes to generate quality cell banks. We have successfully isolated and expanded cells from cows, pigs, and sheep, and are expanding our experience in avian and aquatic species.

Analytics to support cell characterisation

With complimentary analytical capabilities, we can support identity and functional characterisation of the cell banks, giving confidence in the starting cells for all future experimental work and commercial production.

Talk to our team about your cell isolation needs.