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Your partner in cultivated meat, accelerating the journey to a more environmentally responsible future

Extracellular is the first dedicated manufacturing partner supporting cultivated meat. We aim to provide efficient and cost-effective cellular agriculture processes at scale.

Through innovative practices and dedicated research, we help partners overcome their barriers and accelerate their route to market with a more sustainable, ethical future for our planet. 

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We aim to provide the people, processes, and environment  to accelerate your route to market

Our range of offerings are designed to support the development, manufacturing, and commercialisation at all stages of cellular agriculture.

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Process development

We know biomanufacturing. We develop tailor-made manufacturing processes to produce cultivated meat, using best-in-class equipment to push the limits of what’s possible. Whether you’re working with adherent or suspension cells, primary or pluripotent stem cells, we know how to scale these processes.

Media development

Optimised cell culture media is essential for effective cell growth at a low cost. We’re here to help accelerate your media development, with capabilities to screen thousands of formulations and produce quantities for larger scale-up runs.


Kilos of cultivated meat are needed to start developing great consumer products. We can help you get the biomass needed to start your product formulation early, with bioreactors capable of operating at hundreds of litres.

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